Sunday, October 11, 2009

Team Bonding?

As you know by now, we didn't get that W in our first game of the season. But the team morale is high, although the team itself, is dwindling. Taylor pulled his groin in the game and will miss some time and on top of that, we had another player quit. Wolfgang Gieler decided that'd he'd be better off on a team where he got more PT.  I can understand his internal battle of wanting to play and wanting to help out the team, but I guess the timing was just bad. At this point, it's like a cheating girlfriend or something. You know the "how could you do that to us feeling?" But then eventually you get over it.

That's definitely not the reason we lost, but it didn't help our concentration. Along with Brandon Thomas, who is now on Braunschweig, I wish them the best, but come on guys, we climbed in the mountains don't get that team bonding everywhere. Speaking of mountain climbing...look what I found...

I'll be on my couch watching NFL football for the rest of the day...Jay Cutler has a bye so I need Trent Edwards to hold down the fort. I also need the Giants to run up the score on Oakland, seeing how I hate everything about California (except you Erika).

Do What You Do       Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
We went through crazy times,
Inside this crazy mind,
Somehow I thought that you would always be around

--Jamie Foxx- Why

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