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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And With The First Pick: Part IV

After 3 parts (all of which you should have voted on by now) there has been more non-Black players drafted than Black players drafted, not to say that there is anything wrong with that, but let's go ahead and even that out today.

Today's GM situation was picking a squad with American players who skipped college all together. You know, those guys who got drafted fresh out of highschool and never played a college basketball game. Here are the squads. No coaches today...

Team A
1) Monta Ellis
2) Kobe Bryant
3) Shawn Kemp
4) Moses Malone
5) Andrew Bynum

Team B
1) Sebastian Telfair
2) Lebron James
3) Tracy McGrady
4) Amare Stoudemire
5) Dwight Howard

Team C

1) Shaun Livingston
2) Louis Williams
3) Josh Smith
4) Darryl Dawkins
5) Kevin Garnett

You already know what to do...out of the 3 squads right here...WHO WOULD WIN IT ALL???

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  1. I mean this ones not even close. Team B hands down. I'm laughing at how much of a joke the other two teams are compared to Team B. The managers who picked the other two teams are out matched and clearly out of their league here.

  2. Yeah this isn't too much of a game. As a big Kobe supporter, I don't like seeing him lose, but Team B hands down. This thing wouldn't even be close.

  3. Team B even with the worst point guard ever to get a special on ESPN.... Since thats not even a question the real discussion is who is second best but upon further inspection Team A would throttle team C. C'mon man, the first 3 posts were good but you can do a better job splitting teams than this!!!

  4. Lebanon and Team B in a landslide victory.