Monday, September 14, 2009

Meet The Team: Taj Finger #31

Taj Finger Stanford University 6'7" 175lbs (soaking wet) Forward
aka Give Them The Finger
aka Taj Mahal
aka Gumby
aka Shaggy
aka Olive Oil
aka Screetch
aka Butt-Head
aka Kevin McHale
Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"I done seen niggas hit LA and get dey chain snatched,
Then they call me up, beggin' me to get dey chain back,
What I look like the mudafukin Police,
It's certain rules you got to follow, when you in these streets"
--The Game ft. Snoop & Xzhibit- California Vacation

PS: Like most guys, Taj wakes up everyday with "Mourning Would"...check it out

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