Saturday, September 5, 2009

Throw Up Your K1x

Today we kick off the year with our first preseason scrimmage. It's at home and it's against a solid Pro A team. If you don't know how the leagues work out here in Germany here's a simple breakdown.

1BBL (The Premiere First League that I currently play in) then the 2BBL Pro A (Top Tier Second League) then the 2BBL Pro B (Bottom Tier Second Leauge) then the 1RL First Regionalliga (The league I started in fresh out of college) then the 2RL, 3RL and so on and so on...

First league BBL teams can also qualify for European Competition which breakdown as follows...

EuroLeague (2nd only to the NBA)
EuroCup (2nd only to the Euroleague and NBA)
EuroChallenge (where we'll play this season, second only to the two above and the NBA)

Anyway, back to the point. We start things off today at home and sporting our new uniforms from our official sponsor K1X. For any of you that aren't down with better get down if you know what's good for you. We are the most rugged, hardcore and gangsta brand out there. Seriously, Ron Artest f*cks with K1x...hardbody...true story. Throw It Up!!!

this is from the k1x website...

k1x is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the german top team meg goettingen, who ended last season’s campaign in second place before being bumped out of the playoffs in a highly contested series vs. power house brose baskets bamberg. goettingen, promoted to the first division just two years ago, is revolutionizing the bbl (germany’s highest pro league), just like k1x is known to regularly spice things up with extra flavor. goettingen takes the court in bad-ass purple, play their home games in a vintage factory building and pester opposing teams with a swarming small-ball game, the premise of which is 24/7 full-court activity.

meg goettingen will be the flagship of k1x’s all new “k1x hardwood” line (launch october 2009), which is set to remix and upgrade the team-basketball look. we can’t give away too much just yet, but let’s just say: you may wanna hold off on buying new team uniforms for another month or so, until you see what “k1x hardwood” has to offer!

k1x c.e.o christian grosse: “goettingen and k1x have many similarities: we’re both underdogs, successfully fighting our way up with unorthodox methods. their approach to the game inspired k1x to take basketball teamwear to the next level. i am very excited about our partnership and can’t wait to see meg goettingen hustle up a storm next season. they embody our “play hard, don’t embarrass our products” approach like a loose-ball dive on concrete.”

staring five c.e.o. marc franz (meg goettingen licensee): “k1x is a young brand with a unique look, that spearheads basketball-style and streetwear in germany. their creativity, constant push for innovation and overall success story is astounding. we are thrilled to move forward with a strong partner like k1x – together we can leave quite a footprint! i am especially excited about k1x’s “purple reign” fan collection, which will sharpen our profile as a different kind of ball club. the “purple reign” roll-out is highlighted by the “you can’t teach heart” claim, and that’s what we’re all about.”

goettingen (who also feature top stars ben jacobson, jason boone, john little and chris oliver) will tip off the season on october 9th vs. the artland dragons.
good luck, partners! we’ll be cheering you on! and remember: whatever happens, you’ll be leading the league in style points …

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I understand words tryna hurt me
they said I ain't worthy, they said you ain't worthy
I'm glad you wasn’t growin up in my hood where the good die early"
--Ron Artest-I Cry For Mike (MJ Tribute)

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