Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget

Today is a day that resonates with me now, and forever. I am pretty sure a lot of you can remember where you were when you heard the news, but I'll never forget the relief I felt when I called our house and my father (who periodically drove into New York City to work) answered the phone.

As relieving as that was, the truth of the matter was that since my high school was only an hour from NYC there were a lot of friends I had whose parents were down there that day. Some of them even lost loved ones on that unforgettable day.

So although I'm in the midst of a light-hearted "Meet The Team" series, I figured it was only right to ahead and take a moment to recognize the brave people who lost their life 8 years ago today. Gone but not forgotten.

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"I'm always here
no body's perfect life ain't always fair
I used to not give a f*ck
I ain't always care"
--Jadakiss- By Your Side

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