Monday, September 21, 2009

No Dunks Here

Remember this...LeBron camp tapes confiscated?

LeBron came out and said that it was no big deal being dunked on, and I happen to agree. Everyone gets dunked much so that people can start blogs called You Got Dunked On. However, for all the people who I've put on posters, it's only right that every once in awhile I have the favor returned. Although I can count on one hand, the times in my life I've been thrown on chest to chest, I would feel like a coward if I tried to hide it, or confiscate the tapes.

Quick background of the game though...this team was a rival of ours from the second league a few years back, and are a team full of "no-names" that go out there and play hard, similar to us. Therefore it's no surprise that it went down to the wire...just make sure you watch the whole thing because here was how the game ended...

We were up two and got if we make both, it's a two possession game (because it's very hard to score 4pts in one trip down the court) but we only made the first FT...luckily for us...after getting posterized and not having a chance to get him back, I had to go ahead and tap in the missed FT to go up 5 and eventually win the game.

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"I'm doin' a hundred on the highway
So if you do the speed limit, get the F*CK outta my way
I'm D.U.I., hardly ever caught sober
and you about to get ran the F*CK over"

--Ludacris- Move B*tch

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