Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Your Dreams

So I had this dream last night that I was taking the LSAT...and I immediately woke up knowing it was dream because as soon as I signed the contract to play professional basketball I vowed to never take another test as long as I lived. Unfortunately my contract has only one comma, not two, meaning when I'm finished playing, I'll probably not have the 80,000,000 saved up that I need to live the life I always imagined. But hopefully, I can go ahead and get me a graduate assistant job with a prestigious university, and stay around the sport I love while mastering in a field that pays me enough to live the life I want (someone tell Coach Jones to holla at me).

But back to this dream, in it, I felt completely unprepared. I don't remember exact questions that were on the test, but it was stuff I wouldn't have had to study for, you know just common knowledge stuff. The problem was the timing and I'm pretty sure that's how it really goes. The only two things I remember from the dream were, the cheater and the guy who freaked out. The first guy who, obviously was unprepared decided to cheat off of the person to my right. The whole test he was just leaning over and copying ever answer. Unfortunately for him, everyone had a different test. The next guy, who was also unprepared, decided to take it to the extreme and to just stand up mid-test, break his pencil, scream and then stick his head up his own ass.

How could I make this sh*t up? I don't know if that's a sign on whether or not I should think about furthering my education, or just the Oktoberfest beers playing tricks on my mind, but I know it sparked me to google LSAT as soon as I woke up and actually found out that there's an LSAT test being given soon in Germany. Weird huh? I've decided to simply wish all of you taking the test, present of future the best of luck...and as for me, I'll stick to taking them in my dreams...literally. 

Do What You Do      Hallelujah Hollaback      ...blackhercules21...
"the weight so strong it feels like tons
do i feel the pain? yes i does
it's all inside and it's building up
it all comes out when i sip this cup"
--iPray N iPrey- Musaic

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