Sunday, September 6, 2009

MEG Gottingen vs. UBC Hanover

We ended up getting that W yesterday against Hanover...and it wasn't the first time I beat these guys. Some of you may remember the "UBC Mother F*cker" chants that I talked about when I played this team in the first regionalliga while on Bernau. Don't mind that first'll get better.

Well anyway, after Friday's public practice where my teammates and I got loose on the rims for the fans, we showed up and put on a show for our loyal followers who were waiting five months for basketball action.
It felt good to be back out there and compete, and we're going to get right back at it today with a 6pm game against the New Yorker Phantoms of Braunschweig...

Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"Got money, and he love pressure they ain't breaking him
tight shirts, tight pants, all these homosapiens
all these n*ggas is trash and they over rating them
put them in the booth with me I'm annihilating them
whoever you think is pumped up, I'm inflating them"
--Jadakiss- A Milli Freestyle

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