Friday, September 4, 2009

We Should All Do It Like R. Kelly I don't mean sprinkle our urine or adolescent girls...I'm sorry, let me go ahead and back track a tad

Holly's roommate asked me what my biggest pet-peeves were and I couldn't really figure them out at the time. I don't like seeing hair in the sink or shower, I hate being stuck in traffic and an annoying laugh drives me absolutely crazy. But there was definitely something that was bigger than all of those. And I finally figured out what it was. It took coming back to Germany to figure it out because the solution to my pet peeve is how I spend the majority of my non-basketball downtime.

Cliffhangers. It's like just getting a bite of your favorite food or playing "just the tip." I was an advertising and marketing major and I know the importance of keeping people on the edge but when I finish a show/movie and they leave me hanging...I don't know what to do with myself. R. Kelly, who had "too many to count" Trapped In The Closets, at least dropped one a day, everyday on IFC until his series was over. And I could deal with that. What I can't deal with, are primetime dramas and cable series' that leave me in shambles for six straight days. Or Saw sequels that turn into trilogys that turn into whatever it is you call four, five and six.

So what I always do now is wait until the season is over, or the sequel is out. Since I've been in Germany I've gotten through whole seasons of Boondocks, Brothers and Sisters, Dexter, and Entourage after the conclusion...with no commercial breaks and no waiting for next weeks episode. And I absolutely love it. Thank you OVGUIDE you are a lifesaver.

Do What You Do          Hallelujah Hollaback          ...blackhercules21...
"Stuck between these two worlds
What I'm gonna do with both these girls
Hard to choose between her and these streets
Cuz the game keeps calling me"
--R. Kelly ft. Jay-Z -Honey

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